Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Organizations

Martin Browne has a long history and extensive, practical experience with the special issues facing non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. The law surrounding these organizations has seen considerable changes over the past few years which have had far-reaching effects, such as changes in tax law, increased scrutiny of boards of directors’ fiduciary duties, and rising concerns about compliance and governance. We recognize how the tax-exempt status of an organization affects its operations and its future. Our clients include a broad range of organizations, such as:

  • Non-profit
  • Tax-exempt
  • Private foundations
  • Community foundations
  • Educational organizations
    • Public & private colleges
    • Universities
    • Public school districts
  • Museums
  • Hospitals and health care entities
  • Social clubs
  • Other not-for-profit organizations


Our services include:

  • Incorporation of non-profit organizations
  • Assisting with applications for tax-exemption under federal and state law compliance issues
  • Providing ongoing counseling on tax, governance, corporate and contract law matters
  • Mergers or consolidations with other non-profit and for-profit entities and affiliates
  • Development, maintenance, and expansion of charitable giving programs and other fund-raising activities
  • Structuring charitable gifts and trusts
  • Representation before the IRS, Ohio Department of Tax, and Ohio Attorney General
  • Negotiation and drafting of various agreements concerning operations and assets
  • Federal and state tax compliance issues, such as Form 990
  • Providing legal advice concerning many areas of the law as they relate to tax-exempt organizations, including advice on intellectual property matters, employment issues, and matters pertaining to employee benefits and executive compensation planning.


Our goal is to serve our clients’ interests effectively and cost-efficiently. Our success is based on the success of our clients, thus, we strive to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

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