Creditors’ Rights & Foreclosures

Martin Browne’s creditors’ rights and foreclosure attorneys represent an array of businesses, including small businesses, manufacturers, insurance companies, national banks, federal savings and loans, chartered state savings banks and other financial institutions. We regularly provide legal advice and represent clients in this area including:


  • Banking and finance law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loan – purchase money security agreements
    • Preparation and filing of UCC-1 financing statements in all states
  • Creditors rights in bankruptcy, including
    • Representing creditors before the United States Bankruptcy Courts
  • Debt collections
    • Mechanic’s liens on real estate
    • Artisan’s liens on personal property
    • Litigation
    • Judgments
    • Wage garnishment
    • Levy on debtor’s bank accounts
    • Judgment liens on debtor’s real estate
    • Writs of execution on debtor’s personal property
    • Enforcement of liens
  • Foreclosures – residential and commercial mortgage loans throughout Ohio
  • Insurance subrogation claims
  • Defense of lender and third party collector liability actions

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